Free color grading kit for Photoshop

Create stunning images with 240 ready-to-use presets. Correct photos with one click, apply special effects real-time. It's free, quick and easy.
Easy-to-use instrument
for professional correction and grading photos
Multi-layer approach allows you apply several filters from 240 presets at the same time and play with opacity of each one in real time. Add special effects and correct photos with one click.
Record as an animated GIF or movie with audio. Perfect for customer support or showing your interactive prototypes.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture, annotate and share a screenshot - all without cluttering up your desktop.
Works with all your favorite apps - design tools like Adobe CC & Sketch, chat tools like Slack, Skype, & HipChat, and many more.
Works well with sizes
up to 10 000 px
Adjust the size by clicking Image – Canvas Size. To add your images click Window – Layers, then double click on layer "Double click to add your photo". Here you adjust the same Canvas Size as in the main window, then drag here your image. Close this window and safe, you are back to the main window and ready to use Gently's filters.
Just one click to correct
One-click corrector is a folder that contains all adjustment and fill layers needed – just use opacity control over the folder "Corrector" to apply filters to your image. See the difference in real time, reduce or raise the opacity till you get acceptable results.
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